Prednisone, Feet, and Chronic versus Acute Pain


Well, I saw a new doc a couple days ago and he put me on prednisone for my severely inflamed feet. He confirmed that he believed it is a bad case of plantar fasciitis (10 year duration) that has worked it’s way from the heels all the way through the soles of my feet, into the metatarsal area, and into my toe joints. I have been in an extreme flare up, hobbling for over 2 weeks, using a cane, barely unable to put weight on the feet to walk and so far no improvement. Until I started the prednisone he prescribed me.

Within 24 hours I saw improvement. Today is day 3 and I can walk without the cane, and even though I am still having pain, it is much less.  Image This stuff is nothing short of a miracle. I want a lifetime supply. I want buckets of it. I…

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