Dangers of Splenda


2 thoughts on “Dangers of Splenda

  1. That’s so scary. I’ve heard of this before. But I am a diabetic and am not supposed to consume refined sugar. Not sure what I am supposed to use. I’ve tried Truvia but I’m not crazy about it. I also have high blood pressure so am not supposed to have much sodium or caffeine. Carbs are a no-no. Much of the time I just don’t eat anything….I feel like everything is bad for me so I just don’t eat and am hungry all the time. Depressing….

    • I know what you mean. Splenda was supposed to be the “good guy”….. but now that is off the table. I have been using Stevia on and off, but not crazy about it either. I don’t do much sugar so I’m okay there, but carbs are my weakness. Hang in there… It will get better! 😉

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