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If you get a chance to order this book, I highly recommend it. While I cannot afford Dr. Murphree’s fees (as he does not accept insurance and I am not in a financial position to free wheel a visit), the book and his free teleconferences have really turned things around for me. Given me a direction I would not have been able to go on by myself. He shares his medical knowledge and assists in helping us help ourselves.

Speaking for myself, I cannot take the prescribed medications due to the fibromyalgia and a heart condition. Not to mention having fibromyalgia for so long it has really beaten up on my body. I no longer have a tolerance for many prescription medications. Not to mention, I don’t like the “toxic” effect they give me. Dr. Murphree explains why a lot of the prescription medications are just patches on a wound (fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue etc) that is difficult to heal. The only way to heal a lot of our bodies is to give back what the fibro has taken away – naturally. Some prescription medications are a necessity for certain conditions etc but the general medical community just throws meds at us to treat whatever symptoms we have instead of digging deeper to the root of the problem. He teaches us what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to get our lives back.

Please give his approach a chance if you haven’t already.  🙂

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