Cognitive Impairment and Anxiety Worse in Fibromyalgia Patients


Fibromyalgia heavily effects the central nervous system, causing abnormalities in the way pain is processed by the brain.  The symptoms of fibro, unfortunately, lead to psychological distress, and patients are often “written off” as simply having a mood or personality disorder.

The following symptoms have been determined to be worse in the fibromyalgia patient:

  • “Inability to recall known words.”
  • “Mistaking numbers that look similar.”
  • “Inability to write an idea down.”
  • “Inability to retain patterns when adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing.”
  • “Distraction by background noises.”
  • “Difficulty following directions.”
  • “Trouble following conversations.”
  • “Becoming disruptive in conversations.”
  • “Misremembering spelling of familiar words.”
  • “Losing place while reading.”
  • “Difficulty expressing thoughts verbally.”
  • “Poor reading comprehension.”
  • “Frustration when speaking.”
  • “Difficulty concentrating.”

Anxiety and Cognitive Impairment Worse In Fibromyalgia Patients