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I had been enjoying shrimp for a very long time with no reactions or incidents. I loved shrimp!  My favorite seafood. Then one day, while eating out with two of my friends, I had a severe reaction to the shrimp I was enjoying for lunch. I had to leave work, go to the doctor to get an injection to combat the reaction, then go immediately home to recover. I was very sick and could not understand why. That was probably close to 10 years ago and I have only had shrimp one time since that day  – just to see if I was allergic after so many years. I had no reaction but after looking into shrimp and seafood – I am pretty certain I understand why now. I have not had any since that day and I have lost my taste for any type of seafood.

Have you had any poor experiences with seafood?

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How Safe Is Your Shrimp? – Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is calling on the federal government to make shrimp safer for American consumers.  Find out about six types of shrimp you might find at the grocery store, the shrimp labels you should look for, and how to properly clean shrimp