Using Herbs For Treatment of Fibromyalgia


Herbs 101

There are a few basics to be remembered when considering herbal remedies as an alternative to traditional medicines when treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

A Marathon, Not a Sprint

One thing that is vitally important to the true test of success when using natural herbal alternatives is understanding that they work at a slower pace than prescription drugs, so be patient in order to realize the results.

Not a Nutritional Supplement

Although herbs do contain nutrients, make sure you get your basic nutritional needs met first. For instance, make sure you have enough good oils in your diet before trying to target certain symptoms with fibromyalgia herbs.

If your body is not able to function correctly because of nutritional deficiencies, herbs may not help as much. Many who deal with fibromyalgia also deal with vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin D and vitamin B-12. Make sure your doctor keeps an eye on these essential vitamins.

Time Restraints

Herbs are different than vitamins in that some of them are not meant to be taken indefinitely. Normally, fibromyalgia herbs will be taken for the period of one to four months, until the symptoms targeted improve.

Some herbs act more immediately, like the relaxing effects of chamomile. Some herbs can be taken for extensive periods in order to guard against future problems. Milk thistle and saw palmetto are two examples of herbs used safely long-term.

Consider Herbs a Drug

Take them with care. Check with your doctor or an herbalist before mixing fibromyalgia herbs and medications. Some herbs may not combine well with medications that are hard on your liver or if the herb acts in the same way as a medication you are taking.

Use With Caution

Many fibromyalgia herbs can help various ailments. Some of them can be quite potent and dangerous. Always be careful about the amount and frequency of herbs taken for relief of symptoms.

Not All Herbs Are Equal

Make sure you do adequate research on the manufacturer of the herbs you choose. Just because the label states they are safe and effective doesn’t make it so.

Validate their research standards, history of safety, purity and effectiveness. This is vitally important as the FDA does not regulate herbs or any supplements. You have to be sure everything has been tested before it gets to you.

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