MTHFR Mutations Information



I have been trying to get a grip on my own genetic research. Needless to say, I have a huge headache. However, I do have a better, albeit slight, understanding of why my body seems to be rebelling against me. I encourage everyone to have their DNA tested especially if you are having health issues. The instructions stated that it may take as long as 6-8 weeks but I got mine back in 2. The results are sent to you via email and you receive a link to a secure page on their website to access your reports. Among these reports is your “raw data” file. This is the file you need to guard with your life.  🙂

You can send your raw data file to several companies who will do some pretty awesome research for you, mostly for free! Yes, free!

Here are some of the links I have found:

NutraHacker – This is an awesome place! They will give you a free methylation/detoxification report. This report will show you what medicines/vitamins to take and what to avoid. It will also show you which mutation is responsible. You may upload your raw data file or they will connect with 23andMe with no problems.   🙂

GeneticGenie – The genie will also provide a free methylation and detox report. You may be asking yourself, “Why would I need another. Didn’t I just do that on Nutrahacker?”. Well, what I have learned is that each company does their reports a little different. You may understand one better over another or one report may show something another does not. I have learned that you can never have too much information on this subject. The genie will also allow you to upload your own file or connect to 23andMe hassle-free.

Promethease Promethease is a great service. It is not free but is very low cost and the reports are well worth it! They also allow you to upload your own file or connect to 23andMe, as well as many other DNA sites. – This is a nifty page that explains the sites in a little more detail – complete with a chart.  🙂